A True Game Changer!

An automated quote system designed to fit seamlessly into your business model and tailored to your requirements. Spreadsheets are tracked with unqiue ID's and may not be redistributed, sold, or shared to anyone.

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Everything You Need In One Place!

Our Concrete Coating Automation Software Gives You The Power to:

  • Communicate Faster on Every Channel In One Place.

  • Receive & Send SMS, Emails, Calls, Social DM's and more.

  • Streamline Appointments and Automate Scheduling

  • Automate Text and Email Campaigns

  • Text-2-Pay Solutions To Get Paid Faster!

  • Boost Reviews, Online Reputation & Automate Review

  • Convert More Leads and Retain More Happy Customers.

  • Customize Survey Forms to Attract More Crew Members

Includes a Company Courses area so you can add training videos for your staff members and new crew members! This creates a more fun and enjoyable workplace and hiring experience.

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